Membership Application

“In any activity, there will always be a top echelon, and in amateur radio it is DX’ers.” – the Ol’Timer in C. Cassidy’s DX IS

For Seasoned DX’ers and newcomers alike!

  • We help newcomers to DX’ing get their feet wet We help you find the information you need
  • We publish a quarterly newsletter highlighting member activity and achievement
  • We help you understand the DX’ing process and awards We operate HF, phone, CW, and RTTY
  • We help each other improve our operating skills
  • We help each other with equipment and antenna projects We work together on operating events and contests
  • We provide a forum for displaying operating achievements We communicate with and learn much about people and places
  • around the world
  • We learn much about the technical and scientific aspects of long –distance HF communications
  • We provide an opportunity to share your skills and experience with others
  • We meet quarterly at various venues to gather and socialize
  • And, we’d like YOU to join us!
  • DUES: Individual – $25. Family – $25. Under 18 – Free!

After payment is received your application for membership will be approved and you will receive an email confirmation notice. If you do not see the email please check your spam folder before contacting us for further assistance.