About Us

Colorados Premier DX Club

The Mile High DX Association is comprised of a variety of members who enjoy DXing and Contesting in a spirit of good fellowship. MHDXA contributes to major DX-peditions and some of our members have been participants of both large and small DX-peditions throughout the world.

We do not require that our members have past experience in DXing or certificates of DXing achievement. We do encourage our members to join ARRL and take an active interest in passing on their knowledge to those who are learning or are new to our club. We have members who are ARRL Division Directors and Managers, members who are very experienced DXers and some who are world class contesters.

We also have members who have just completed their DXCC and obtained their Extra Class license in their first year in Amateur Radio. We are equally proud of all our members’ contributions to Amateur Radio, no matter their experience.

The club’s assets are its members who contribute to others’ enjoyment of, and the growth of Amateur Radio. If you find our web site useful, would like to support DX-peditions, or want to learn more about DXing and/or Contesting, we encourage you to join and support MHDXA, no matter where you are located.

The club maintains an Internet reflector available to its members to discuss DX or ham radio related issues.

Other activities include:

– Conducting DX University in the region

– Supporting DX-peditions

– Participating in major ARRL activities

– DXCC card checking

– Annual picnic 

Club dues are $.068 cents per day, $25 per year.