Mile-Hi DX is Making a Comeback

Helo fellow DX’ers my name is Joe Hawley, and I’ve been a member of Mile High DX Association for approximately six years. A short time ago, I was approached by some of your board members who wanted to know if I was interested in helping manage the club. I’ve always admired you individuals in the club for your energy around the DXing hobby.

I want to introduce you to some of the people who will be helping me with the club. I’ll start by introducing  you to Chuck Poch, your new Vice-President:

K0ITP, previously KE0OJN, was licensed in September 2017. Currently General license. I wanted to learn something new and expand my knowledge. I thought Amateur “HAM” Radio would be an excellent way to do this. Since getting my license, I have become the Longmont Radio Club – LARC President in 2020, previously was media relations chair. I have also become a Team Lead for Banner Health Systems in the R1D1 ARES group that covers Weld and Larimer Counties in Northern Colorado. I like to experiment and test what equipment can do. For example, playing with Raspberry Pi’s and radios and building antennas. I enjoy POTA and running the LARC “Hamlet “net on Tuesday nights.

I also would like to introduce you to Bob Nauta, your new Secretary / Treasurer:

Hello to the group. My name is Bob Nauta, W0BNC. I started studying for the Technician exam while recovering from neck surgery in early 2020. I have since upgraded to General, then Amateur Extra. I have spent 35 years in public safety as a firefighter and in law enforcement; radio has been an everyday part of my adult life. I was initially drawn to amateur radio because it supported public events and emergency communications, which has led to a leadership role in our local ARES group. I also enjoy “being the DX” when traveling to, and operating from, some of my favorite vacation destinations like Belize and Costa Rica. I am excited now to be a part of the Mile High DX Association, and I look forward to growing the club and being a small part of helping future DX-peditions become a reality.

Then there is me, Joe, some of you don’t know me, but I am a hard worker, and I feel this club could have a large membership. I did a little looking around the state, and as far as I know, we are the only DX club in Colorado. This means that we have something very special and much fun. 

From discussions with Dick and Jonathan, I understood that due to COVID, everything slowed down to a stop. I know that because most of my outside activities went dead also. Well, now it’s time to revive. As you know, they have not collected dues for the last couple of years, and with the advice of Dick and Jonathan, I do think that 2023 should be a free year. We will again start collecting dues as of January 2024.

So what do we have to look forward to? We start next month with a Zoom meeting to get acquainted with everybody. We also will have a speaker at each Zoom meeting. The plan is to have a couple of Zoom meetings monthly and then have dinner somewhere. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have speakers for all these events. If you would like a special presentation, just let us know. I’m sure we can find someone.

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